Circuit des sheds panoramiques

The Circuit des sheds panoramiques is a route that currently includes more than seven sheds spread out over the Haut-Saint-François area and that are positioned in select locations to admire the beautiful panoramic landscapes of the region. Let yourself be guided through our territory, where each shed tells a unique story, and be captivated by the beauty of our valleys, mountains and rivers.

Each shed, a stylized building inspired by our country buildings, highlights a landscape and characteristics of the local culture.

These small bubbles of time give you a moment to appreciate the beauty of these regions. Most of the locations allow picnicking while enjoying local products. As you travel between two sheds, discover the different facets and attractions of the localities you pass through.


La Patrie

Éva Senécal Stop

Located in the home of French Canadians repatriated from the United States, the La Patrie shed provides a breathtaking view of the valley and its mountains, as well as a significant chapter of our history. This shed features a panoramic view, making it possible to grasp the landscape’s impressiveness, dominated by Mont Mégantic. Poet Éva Senécal, a native of La Patrie, expressed the emotions that this landscape inspired in her poems.



Halte du Barrage

Nothing like staring at a river running its course. The St. François River once had a stimulating effect on the region by greatly contributing to the economic development of the sector: its water power attracted the first industries and allowed logs to be floated to pulp and paper facilities. These waters surely inspired painter Jeannine Bourret in creating the visual artworks featured in the shed. You will certainly crack a smile when you read some of the thoughts of artist Doris Lussier, a Weedon native, conveyed by Père Gédéon, the character that made him famous.


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Circuit des sheds panoramiques
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