La Martine Products

Martine invites you to her sugar shack, the very place where she makes her preserves, vinaigrettes, salsa, jelly, pies, etc.—not to mention all the products made from maple syrup.

A Date with the Stars: Lac St-François & Lac Aylmer

Are you staying near Grand Lac St-François or Lac Aylmer? Admire the starry sky on reclined benches at the rest stops along this section of Summit Drive.

Sommets Étoilés stop – St-Romain

This rest stop is located near the church in St-Romain. Take a break in the gazebo, or in the evening, settle in on the reclined bench to observe the starry heavens!

St-Romain Zec

Do you like camping? Here, you can access a dozen platforms and four rustic cabins. They are available from May to December. At each site, you’ll find a picnic table and a fire pit.

La Source

La Source is THE recreational-tourism complex on the shores of Lac Saint-François. Located in Saint-Romain, come for a unique, festive experience.

La Ferme du Péché Mignon

With family or friends, rain or shine, La Ferme du Péché Mignon is the ideal place to have fun all day long! You can pick your own blueberries, apples and pumpkins when in season.

Domaine Gagnon

Enjoy the stunning view of Mont St-Sébastien and Mont Ste-Cécile and its on-site 5.5 km trail network. As a bonus, Domaine Gagnon offers various types of accommodation, from one person up to a group of 14.

Club de ski de fond et raquette St-Romain

Become a seasonal member or buy a day pass to enjoy the wonderful trails at Saint-Romain!

Camping, Chalets et Spas des Pignons Rouges

Need to recharge your batteries? Here’s your dream spot! Camping, Chalets & Spas des Pignons Rouges is located near the border with Beauce in the Eastern Townships.

A Lake and Mountain Adventure

How about a tailor-made adventure among the lakes and mountains?