Louise-Gosford ZEC (Louise Area)

Need a change of scenery? The Louise area invites you to discover its territory off the beaten path!

Plage du Lac aux Araignées

After driving along Rang 4 and hearing “Are we there yet?” for the thousandth time, you’ll be left speechless by the treasure that appears before your eyes: the Lac aux Araignées beach.

Parc Stornoway

Parc municipal de Stornoway is located on Rivière Felton. This municipal park is the fruit of a citizen committee’s efforts to revitalize the woods to the southwest of Rivière Felton and make it accessible to the population. You can also go fishing.

La Source

La Source is THE recreational-tourism complex on the shores of Lac Saint-François. Located in Saint-Romain, come for a unique, festive experience.

La Ferme du Péché Mignon

With family or friends, rain or shine, La Ferme du Péché Mignon is the ideal place to have fun all day long! You can pick your own blueberries, apples and pumpkins when in season.