La Martine Products

Martine invites you to her sugar shack, the very place where she makes her preserves, vinaigrettes, salsa, jelly, pies, etc.—not to mention all the products made from maple syrup.

La Maison du Granit

Located in the heart of an abandoned granite quarry at 680 m high, Maison du Granit provides an exceptional view where mountains, lakes, wind turbines and villages share the stage. It’s a meeting with the history of our region along Summit Drive.

Pizzeria Casa-Deli

For the past 20 years, this small country restaurant located at the border between Estrie and Beauce has been the pride of local residents.

La Source

La Source is THE recreational-tourism complex on the shores of Lac Saint-François. Located in Saint-Romain, come for a unique, festive experience.

Restaurant Da Rita

This rustic Italian fine dining restaurant offers a five-course table d’hôte, a warm atmosphere, affordable pricing and a feast for all your senses.