Herboristerie Apoteka

Apoteka is an herbalist shop where it is possible to visit the gardens and which also offers workshops on the gathering and identification of medicinal plants.

Les Jardins des tisÂNES

Les Jardins des tisÂnes is an organic vegetable farm that produces fruit, vegetables and medicinal plants. Part of the land preparation work is done through animal traction, using donkeys. Shop OPEN from mid-May to mid-November

Le Cerf Nature – Érablière du Cerf Rouge

Selling a variety of products from the farm such as red deer meat and maple products.

Ferme Terre-Vent

On the grounds of Auberge Aux Berges de l'Aurore, you’ll find an organic garlic farm!

Deça Deci – Ferme Agrotouristique

Come and discover the animals at Deça Deci! On this small farm, participate in a guided visit or a wide variety of educational activities about the farm’s inhabitants.

Ferme maraîchère Roy

Ferme Maraîchère Roy grows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. In their fields, you will find strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, pumpkins, squashes and many other vegetables.

Gare patrimoniale de Lac-Mégantic & Marché Public

Every Saturday, the Public Market will appeal to both your eyes and your taste buds with products from producers and artisans from the Mégantic region!

Ferme des Petits Torrieux

The Ferme des Petits Torrieux offers local products in its boutique, all kinds of educational activities with the animals, and many events that bring people together.

La Ferme du Péché Mignon

With family or friends, rain or shine, La Ferme du Péché Mignon is the ideal place to have fun all day long! You can pick your own blueberries, apples and pumpkins when in season.

Ferme Couture

Ferme Couture is a small family farm whose mission is to produce high-quality food while respecting the environment and eliminating middlemen, so your fruits and vegetables come directly to your plate.

Ferme paysanne La Bardâne / Donkey farm, herbalist and soap maker

Une ferme agrotouristique doublée d'une herboristerie. Lors de la visite guidée, vous pourrez découvrir le rôle des ânes à la ferme et même assister à la traite!

Ferme Renaissance

Un élevage en plein air, dans le plus grand respect de la nature, de la liberté et... de la saveur! Pour amateurs de gibiers et de viandes sauvages.

A Colourful Adventure!

Want to move, learn and be amazed?

A Lake and Mountain Adventure

How about a tailor-made adventure among the lakes and mountains?