Festival Colline

This festival features outdoor art events on the Colline de la Croix Lumineuse in Lac Mégantic, a unique natural setting. The Colline festival returns from August 10 to 13, 2023, with the participation of Daniel Bélanger, Lisa LeBlanc, and Jean-Michel Blais.

Zenderfull: excursions under the stars

A new outdoor experience in the Eastern Townships that takes you on excursions under the stars, and, as a bonus, lets you learn about astronomy, photography, light pollution, the Milky Way and other fascinating topics. We also offer accommodations and group activities.

Centre culturel de Weedon and Galerie d’Art Le Harfang

Located in Maison Laplante, the cultural centre adds a heritage interest to its cultural mission. In fact, Maison Laplante is one of the oldest buildings in Weedon.

ASTROLab at Mont-Mégantic National Park

A unique voyage from the Earth to the stars! Come and enjoy the unique experience of stargazing in the heart of the first international dark sky reserve.


Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat with friends, to enjoy a musical atmosphere or to simply discover this unique place, be sure to stop at Musi-Café during your stay in the region!

Walking Tours: Le Marcheur d’étoiles & La Marche du Vent

Here are two tourist routes that you can take to discover the town of Lac-Mégantic on foot. Take a break before continuing your adventure on Summit Drive!

Ham-Sud stop – Parc des Aînés

The Parc des Aînés municipal rest stop, dotted with historical panels, is a rest area for everyone. You can play pétanque and horseshoes there.

Plein La Vue stop – Notre-Dame-des-Bois

This panoramic rest stop gives you an incredible view of Mont Mégantic. It’s one of the most beautiful stretches of Summit Drive!

Village stop – Val Racine

Catch your breath at this municipal rest stop if you’re biking or taking the Mini Compostelle route.

Desjardins stop – St-Adrien

Halte Desjardins is a small park located in the centre of the village of Saint-Adrien. It includes a pavilion with a picnic table and night lighting powered by solar energy.

Joseph-Alfred Fontaine stop – Woburn

You need to stop at Woburn! First, test your watch and have fun with the giant sundial.

Marina de Piopolis

The Piopolis marina provides 38 seasonal docking sites for pleasure craft.

Parc des Vétérans – Marina – Parc J.-Émile Cloutier

Parc des Vétérans is located in the heart of downtown and provides an exceptional view of the lake, with Mont Mégantic in the background.

Station touristique Baie-des-Sables

Ready to add this stop to your adventure? Whatever the season, Station touristique Baie-des-Sables will exceed your expectations!

Lac-Drolet stop – Parc du Lac

This rest stop will enchant you with its view of the lake and Mount Morne.

Marston stop – Centre de Loisirs

This rest stop is the starting point for the Sentier Un Lac au Sommet, one of the starring attractions of the Summit Drive trails. Have fun!

Parc et plage de l’OTJ

A quick stop to stretch and take a dip in the lake? Why not?

La Chapelle du rang 1

Discover artists from all over in the unique former Anglican chapel of St. Barnabas. The chapel is an intimate setting with only 60 seats, where there’s magic between the artists and the audience.

Centre d’interprétation de la mine d’or

Lots of activities await you at the Centre d’interprétation at the former gold mine on Ruisseau Mining. A marked trail (3.5 km, or 7 km round trip) and a suspended footbridge will take you to the abandoned gold mine.

Centre d’interprétation de la Côte magnétique

Whether you’re taking a drive by yourself, with your family or with friends, a short stop before you arrive at the Côte des Lignes is a must. Ready for a little fun?

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