Louise-Gosford ZEC (Louise Area)

Need a change of scenery? The Louise area invites you to discover its territory off the beaten path!

Tour d’observation des Hautes Appalaches stop

Located on the edge of Lac Mégantic, this rest stop is worth the detour!

Plage du Lac aux Araignées

After driving along Rang 4 and hearing “Are we there yet?” for the thousandth time, you’ll be left speechless by the treasure that appears before your eyes: the Lac aux Araignées beach.

Ferme des Petits Torrieux

The Ferme des Petits Torrieux offers local products in its boutique, all kinds of educational activities with the animals, and many events that bring people together.

Club de Golf du lac Mégantic

With a four-star rating, the Club de Golf du Lac Mégantic has a beautifully landscaped 18-hole course with the Appalachian Mountains and Lac Mégantic in the background.

Camping Aventure Mégantic

Get ready for a camping adventure! There are 168 camping areas to welcome you, whether in a tent, house trailer, fifth-wheel trailer or motorhome.

Auberge et Chalets sur le Lac & Capitaine Provost

Feet in the water, head in the stars! This vacation spot is ideal for family holidays.

A Colourful Adventure!

Want to move, learn and be amazed?

A Culture and Nature Adventure!

Follow the route and discover various cultural attractions in the region.