Contact with animals

Les Jardins des tisÂNES

Les Jardins des tisÂnes is an organic vegetable farm that produces fruit, vegetables and medicinal plants. Part of the land preparation work is done through animal traction, using donkeys. Shop OPEN from mid-May to mid-November

Le Cerf Nature – Érablière du Cerf Rouge

Selling a variety of products from the farm such as red deer meat and maple products.

Ranch Winslow

A horseback ride through the forest is peak romance! Head out on an adventure! Ranch Winslow offers a guided horseback ride for both beginner and intermediate riders.

La Ferme du Péché Mignon

With family or friends, rain or shine, La Ferme du Péché Mignon is the ideal place to have fun all day long! You can pick your own blueberries, apples and pumpkins when in season.

Le Nirvana de la Faune

Take a walk with family or friends through our animal enclosures. Fall under the spell of wild animals such as wolves, elk, lynx, cougars and many more!