A Date with the Stars – Mont Mégantic Area

Near the observatory and ASTROLab, you’ll find reclined benches that have been specially designed for you to contemplate the starry sky.

Domaine Lauz Altitude – Chalet de l’Orignal and Chalet du Chevreuil

A spacious, welcoming mountain cabin that can house up to 12 people, located on an intimate wooded estate on the banks of a stream. It’s fully equipped, so you only have to bring your clothes, food and cheer!

Centre culturel de Weedon and Galerie d’Art Le Harfang

Located in Maison Laplante, the cultural centre adds a heritage interest to its cultural mission. In fact, Maison Laplante is one of the oldest buildings in Weedon.

Cœur Villageois de Scotstown

“Here, we make the good times last…” This is the promise of the Cœurs Villageois!

Parc du Vieux Moulin & Fresque de Weedon

A walking trail on Summit Drive, the Parc du Vieux Moulin is a must-see! You will discover the foundations of the first mills in the village while enjoying the beautiful trails along Weedon Stream.

Les Sentiers Frontaliers

Les Sentiers Frontaliers include both a hiking club and a network of walking trails that stretch over more than 135 km along the Canada-USA border.

Les chalets de la Vallée Étoilée

Two magnificent rustic cabins in the heart of the forest, at the foot of Mont Mégantic on Summit Drive. A picturesque place for your outdoor nature activities. There are also lots of tourism activities in the vicinity.

Éva-Senécal Stop – La Patrie

This rest stop, a gateway to Summit Drive, is guaranteed to impress! Check out its shed dedicated to poet and novelist Éva Senécal, a La Patrie native.

Resto-Bar La Patrie

Located a few kilometres away from Mont Mégantic, it’s a great place where you can treat yourself during your next outing to the park.

Ski Eldorado

Ski Eldorado Estrie is a project that aims to develop backcountry skiing in the border mountains.

Giant Solar System

Se mesurant en centaines de millions de kilomètres, notre Système solaire est si vaste qu'il est difficile de bien se le représenter. C'est pourquoi ce Système solaire géant a été créé!

Parc régional du Marécage-des-Scots

This park boasts multi-use trails that make for a 16.6-km round trip. Entirely located in the forest, the trail is covered with rock dust and makes for an easy hike.

Charcuterie de Scotstown

Make a detour to Scotstown to discover their famous deli!

Centre d’interprétation de la mine d’or

Lots of activities await you at the Centre d’interprétation at the former gold mine on Ruisseau Mining. A marked trail (3.5 km, or 7 km round trip) and a suspended footbridge will take you to the abandoned gold mine.

Centre d’interprétation de la Côte magnétique

Whether you’re taking a drive by yourself, with your family or with friends, a short stop before you arrive at the Côte des Lignes is a must. Ready for a little fun?

Au domaine de La Giroux-ette

Day, evening or night, Domaine de La Giroux-ette welcomes you for some unique experiences. La Giroux-ette invites you to be neighbours with the stars and get back to the calm of nature.

Restaurant bar Le Moulin

Le Moulin restaurant is the gold standard in Weedon for your meals with friends or family, and even for your business meetings.

Restaurant Da Rita

This rustic Italian fine dining restaurant offers a five-course table d’hôte, a warm atmosphere, affordable pricing and a feast for all your senses.

Circuit des sheds panoramiques

The Circuit des sheds panoramiques is a route that currently includes more than seven sheds spread out over the Haut-Saint-François area and that are positioned in select locations to admire the beautiful panoramic landscapes of the region.

Fromagerie P’tit Plaisir

Directement de la terre à votre table! Goûtez la différence des fromages de la Fromagerie P'tit Plaisir. Attention, il y a aussi le beurre, la crème glacée et les gelato à découvrir!

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