Frontenac National Park

An oasis of water and hills, Frontenac National Park has an area of 155 km2 and sits on the shores of Grand lac Saint-François. A choice place for water sports and the discovery of unique ecosystems, this provincial park includes the third-largest lake south of the Saint Lawrence. Grand lac Saint-François lets the soft adventure lover in you to travel from bay to bay, exploring highly diverse plant and animal life.

You can rent equipment (canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, rowboats and bikes) at Baie Sauvage (south area), Baie aux Rats-Musqués (Saint-Daniel area) and at the two inner lakes in the park, Lac à la Barbue (canoes) and Lac des Îles (south area, canoes). Let the sparkling waves gently rock you and enjoy the three water routes that are perfect for observation and relaxation.

Do you love winter? Snowshoers can take all the routes and trails in the park, with the exception of the Tourbière trails, to enjoy the calm, peaceful countryside. In the south area of the park, there’s a trail network totalling 11 km of pure fun. The Érablière trail, located at the entrance to the south area, offers amazing lookout points over Grand lac Saint-François.

Services available with reservation: rustic camp rental.

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Frontenac National Park
599 Chemin des Roy, Sainte-Praxède, QC, Canada

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