La Martine Products

Martine invites you to her sugar shack, the very place where she makes her preserves, vinaigrettes, salsa, jelly, pies, etc.—not to mention all the products made from maple syrup.

Camping et Chalet dans les Arbres Mont-Mégantic

With the starry sky above, Camping et Chalet dans les Arbres Mont-Mégantic boasts 50 camping areas on century-old forested grounds so you can get your fill of nature and tranquility.

Sommets Étoilés stop – St-Romain

This rest stop is located near the church in St-Romain. Take a break in the gazebo, or in the evening, settle in on the reclined bench to observe the starry heavens!

Joseph-Alfred Fontaine stop – Woburn

You need to stop at Woburn! First, test your watch and have fun with the giant sundial.

Lac-Mégantic panoramic stop

Stretch your legs at this rest stop on the side of Rue Laval! In front of you, you’ll see the lake and the silhouette of Mont Mégantic in the distance.

Stornoway stop

Stornoway, a toponym of Scottish origin, has a great location at the intersection of routes 161 and 108, and its steeple can be seen at the top of a mountain.

Parc Stornoway

Parc municipal de Stornoway is located on Rivière Felton. This municipal park is the fruit of a citizen committee’s efforts to revitalize the woods to the southwest of Rivière Felton and make it accessible to the population. You can also go fishing.

Parc du Lac Aylmer and Marais Maskinongé

Whether you want to lounge on the beach or explore the marsh by kayak, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. A rustic camping is now available!

Montagne de Franceville

Made of igneous rock, the Cimes trail will reveal the ridges of the Mont Mégantic massif.

Mont Victoria

Mont Victoria, along with Mont Mégantic and Mont Saint-Joseph, is part of the Mont Mégantic massif. It’s covered with abundant vegetation: deciduous, mixed and coniferous forests will give you your fill of chlorophyll and the fresh smell of pine!

Mont Saint-Joseph

Rated among the top three most beautiful panoramas in Quebec. A century-old chapel, visited by many hikers, awaits you at the summit and invites you for some contemplation.

Pain de sucre

With a bird’s eye view of the interior of the massif, the Escarpements trail will please adventurers young and old, whatever the season.

Le Morne de Saint-Sébastien

Le Morne de Saint-Sébastien, over 350 million years old, is a granite giant that’s marked by the region’s history of granite quarrying.

Massif de Winslow

This trail for experienced hikers crisscrosses the undergrowth of the mossy fir trees and deciduous forest. Don’t forget your bathing suit! You might want to jump in Lac Thor or do some sunbathing!

A Colourful Adventure!

Want to move, learn and be amazed?

A Lake and Mountain Adventure

How about a tailor-made adventure among the lakes and mountains?

Mont Bélanger

One foot in Canada, one in the United States! On this summit, enjoy the unique experience of walking on the border.

Mont Mégantic

Topped with an international observatory founded in 1978, the legendary Mont Mégantic will take you on a journey into the heart of the constellations.

Parc régional du Mont-Ham

Known for its two-peak summit and with an altitude of 713 metres, Mont-Ham dominates the region and offers a breathtaking 360° view.